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Why Auto Tune-Ups in Grand Rapids Aren’t Obsolete…

Tune-up Grand Rapids - Mechanic Performing a tune up.

Get a tune-up today for better gas mileage and longer engine life!

Checking cars for maintenance and prevention purposes is important.  An auto tune-up in Grand Rapids is your best solution. Many consider the service obsolete but, of course, we beg to differ. True,  tune-ups are outdated because cars aren’t running on carburetors and other 1980s car technology. That’s why experts had moved past the basic definition and have included check-ups on car batteries, idles speed, ignition timing, filters, and more as part of an automobile engine tune-up.

Here’s Why You Need a Grand Rapids Auto Tune-Up

  1. Your “Check Engine” light is on
    It’s blinking for a purpose so you shouldn’t ignore this warning. Bring your car immediately for an auto tune-up to assess and address your vehicle’s issues.
  2. To check your car brakes
    Safety first, at all times. So, make sure that your automotive tune-up includes checking your car’s brakes. This also includes the lines, calipers, pads, and brake fluids.
  3. Lights and blinkers
    Your lights ensure your safety, too. It makes you visible during the night or bad weathers. Replace the faulty lights and blinkers and headlights immediately. Avoid distracting the vehicles you meet by making sure that your headlights are aligned.
  4. Clogged air filter
    Your car needs air to burn the gas and create combustion for power. Avoid fuel waste and gums by having clean and unclogged air filters. Remember to replace it as needed.
  5. Car valves and automobile injectors need cleaning
    If it’s clogging, then you should let it cleaned. Fuel delivery is limited once the injectors have deposits. This affects the mixture the car’s air and fuel. It can lead to misfire or worse, engine deterioration.
  6. Engine deposits
    These deposits can cause drivability issues. Contaminated or gasoline with low quality can cause engine deposits. Make sure to include this in your next visit to an auto tune-up Grand Rapids facility. Ask whether you need a system cleaning or just a fuel additive.
  7. Assess car battery voltage
    The new car batteries last longer compared to car batteries 10 years ago. However, your car’s battery life must still be checked regularly. Remember, modern onboard electronics differs from those 10 years ago. Also, your mechanic will check for battery acids. These acids must be removed because it stresses out other parts of your car.
  8. Oxygen sensor responsiveness
    Here’s how it works. A lean mixture is created if your car has a correct air and fuel mixture. A rich mixture is created if the air/fuel ratio is defective. Remember, this must be avoided. So, if this happens, your car’s oxygen sensor sends a signal to your vehicle’s system.
  9. You’re already at your 60,000 miles
    Contrary to the 100,000-mile suggestion, remember to change your spark plugs and wires and PCV valves at 60,000. Let your mechanic check your timing belts too.
  10. Because your user’s manual said so
    What does your owner’s manual tell you? Service and tune-up your vehicle according to your manual. This to avoid any expensive damages and oil break.

So call Quality Express Car Care Center and get an Grand Rapids auto tune-up today Remember, safety is your (and our) top priority!



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